Gross motor milestones and sleep regression.

Gross motor milestones and sleep regression. I remember how excited we all were when our wee little guy finally started crawling!!! And then....BOOM!!! His sleep regressed so badly, he was waking up many times throughout the night, practising his new found skills, rocking back and forth on all fours, crawling and pulling himself up on the cot sides, chatting away to himself at 1am in the morning and only resettling to sleep with a bottle......This went on for weeks!! And I was... so exhausted!!! And then as quick as it came, it passed!!!! And he went back to sleeping well.. That is the thing about sleep regressions and developmental milestones/leaps. Once their brains have finally processed through all the new found skills, and their brain activity settles again, they will hopefully go back to sleeping like they used the mean time, meet their needs, be their calm, help them, by allowing them the time to grow, with love and patience and marvel in the fact that your baby is progressing!!!

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